What the Hell Happened to 2022? Book of the Year and plans for 2023

I knew that it had been a while since I last wrote and posted a blog, but I was somewhat startled (and a little ashamed) that it was 31st December 2021. That means that I failed to post anything in 2022, so as well as sharing what I’ve been up to I promise to uploadContinue reading “What the Hell Happened to 2022? Book of the Year and plans for 2023”

My 2021 A-Z Of Crimewriters (Includes my Book of the Year)

At the end of last year, I had the idea to try and read the alphabet in authors. As the thought grew, I decided it would be fun if they were all crime writers. A quick internet search confirmed that it was possible and thus began my journey. I felt that this would give meContinue reading “My 2021 A-Z Of Crimewriters (Includes my Book of the Year)”

Goodbye Edinburgh, Hello East Lothian

For those who do not know my geographical background, I was born and raised in the West of Scotland before moving to Edinburgh in 2005. When I started writing, around 2011, I knew that my books would be set in Scotland’s beautiful capital city. So much has been been written about Edinburgh and some ofContinue reading “Goodbye Edinburgh, Hello East Lothian”

Who is Detective Inspector Joanne Christie?

One thing that is common amongst most crime writers is a character series. Even more common is that the most successful crime writers have a tendency to have multiple character series, going back to the time of Dame Agatha Christie with Poirot and Marple to modern day writers such as Val McDermid, James Oswald andContinue reading “Who is Detective Inspector Joanne Christie?”

Pearl Jam – Top 10

To celebrate the release of Pearl Jam’s eleventh studio album, Gigaton, I thought I would rank their previous 10 in order of my personal preference. I should point out that I believe that there are no poor PJ albums and the following is just my opinion. Please feel free to share your own list, thereContinue reading “Pearl Jam – Top 10”